Priority research questions for the UK food system

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  2. Professor Robert Edwards
  3. Professor John Mathers
Author(s)Ingram JSI, Wright HL, Foster L, Aldred T, Barling D, Benton TG, Berryman PM, Bestwick CS, Bows-Larkin A, Brocklehurst TF, Buttriss J, Casey J, Collins H, Crossley DS, Dolan CS, Dowler E, Edwards R, Finney KJ, Fitzpatrick JL, Fowler M, Garrett DA, Godfrey JE, Godley A, Griffiths W, Houlston EJ, Kaiser MJ, Kennard R, Knox JW, Kuyk A, Linter BR, Macdiarmid JI, Martindale W, Mathers JC, McGonigle DF, Mead A, Millar SJ, Miller A, Murray C, Norton IT, Parry S, Pollicino M, Quested TE, Tassou S, Terry LA, Tiffin R, van de Graaf P, Vorley W, Westby A, Sutherland WJ
Publication type Article
JournalFood Security
ISSN (print)1876-4517
ISSN (electronic)1876-4525
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