Point of care testing for improving risk- benefit ratio of aspirin and warfarin

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  2. Dr Harsh Sheth
  3. Dr Matthew Jackson
  4. Dr John Tyson
  5. Professor Ann Daly
  6. Dr Jonathan O'Halloran
  7. Professor Sir John Burn
Author(s)Sheth H, Northwood E, Elliott F, Jackson M, Koref MS, Tyson J, Daly A, O'Halloran J, Sheth J, Sheth F, Parikh K, Bishop DT, Burn J
Publication type Article
JournalMolecular Cytogenetics
IssueSuppl 1:154
ISSN (electronic)1755-8166
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PublisherBioMed Central Ltd.
NotesInternational Conference on Human Genetics and 39th Annual Meeting of the Indian Society of Human Genetics (ISHG) Ahmadabad, India. 23-25 January 2013
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