Hydrodynamic coefficients of oscillating flat plates at 0.15≤KC≤3.15

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  2. Professor Longbin Tao
Author(s)Tian X, Tao L, Li X, Yang J
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Marine Science and Technology
ISSN (print)0948-4280
ISSN (electronic)1437-8213
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This article presents an experimental investigation on the hydrodynamic coefficients of oscillating flat plates. The plates are forced to oscillate harmonically in still water. The range of Keulegan–Carpenter number(KC = , where a is the single amplitude of oscillation and Dis the equivalent diameter of the plate) is. The hydrodynamic forces acting on the plates are measured and the hydrodynamic coefficients including added mass and damping coefficients are calculated using the Morison’s equation. The influences of the thickness ratio, shape, edge corner radius, perforation ratio and hole size on the hydrodynamic coefficients of a single plate are analyzed and presented. For the twin- and triplet plate configurations, the spacing effects are also evaluated.
PublisherSpringer Japan
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