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Dr Kellie Morrissey
Dr Andy Garbett
Professor Peter Wright
Professor Patrick Olivier
Edward Jenkins
et al.
Care and Connect: Exploring Dementia-Friendliness Through an Online Community Commissioning Platform2017
Dr John McCarthy
Professor Peter Wright
Commentary: Making Interactivity Meaningful for Contemporary HCI2017
Janis Meissner
Professor John Vines
Professor Janice McLaughlin
Dr Tom Nappey
Jekaterina Maksimova
et al.
Do-It-Yourself Empowerment as Experienced by Novice Makers with Disabilities2017
Dave Green
Dr Simon Bowen
Dr Jonathan Hook
Professor Peter Wright
Enabling Polyvocality in Interactive Documentaries through "Structural Participation"2017
Aare Puussaar
Dr Adrian Clear
Professor Peter Wright
Enhancing Personal Informatics Through Social Sensemaking2017
Dr John Vines
Roisin McNaney
Amey Holden
Ivan Poliakov
Professor Peter Wright
et al.
Our Year with the Glass: Expectations, Letdowns and Ethical Dilemmas of Technology Trials with Vulnerable People2017
Dr Robyn Taylor
Bettina Nissen
Professor Peter Wright
Performing Research: Four Contributions to HCI2017
Konstantinos Kazakos
Dr Madeline Balaam
Amey Holden
Dr Papreen Nahar
Professor Peter Phillimore
et al.
A Real-Time IVR Platform for Community Radio2016
Professor Peter Wright
An iTRAQ characterisation of the role of TolC during electron transfer from Shewanella oneidensis MR-12016
Dr Rachel Clarke
Professor Peter Wright
Anti-Solutionist Strategies: Seriously Silly Design Fiction2016