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Dr Git Chung
Dr Colin Brown
Derivation of a system-independent Ki for Pgp-mediated digoxin transport from system-dependent IC50 data by accounting for the contribution of additional digoxin transporters2018
Sal Bakar
Professor Farhad Kamali
Dr Colin Brown
Effect of Statins on Functional Expression of Membrane Transporters in L6 Rat Skeletal Muscle Cells2016
Dr Olivier Govaere
Dr Dina Tiniakos
Hepatic Progenitor Cells in Metastatic Liver Carcinomas2018
Craig Tallentire
Dr Ilkka Leinonen
Professor Ilias Kyriazakis
Artificial selection for improved energy efficiency is reaching its limits in Broiler chickens2018
Sarah Billington
Dr Colin Brown
Microsomal and Cytosolic Scaling Factors in Dog and Human Kidney Cortex and Application for In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation of Renal Metabolic Clearance2018
Dr Kamelia Boodhoo
Tailoring Cu Nanoparticle Catalyst for Methanol Synthesis Using the Spinning Disk Reactor2018
Dr Ya-Yun Chen
Translating films2014
Dr Raushan Nurdillayeva
Atsinafe Oshido
Tom Bamford
Dr Osama El-Zubir
Professor Andrew Houlton
et al.
Inkjet printing and electrical characterisation of DNA - templated cadmium sulfide nanowires2018
Yara Khawaja
Dr Damian Giaouris
Dr Haris Patsios
Dr Mohamed Dahidah
Optimal cost-based model for sizing grid-connected PV and battery energy system2018
Holly Mabillard
Dr Charlie Tomson
Investigation and management of renal stone disease2017