Please note, these policies are for information only, and do not constitute a legal document or legal advice

Metadata Policy
for information describing items in the repository

  1. Anyone may access the metadata free for charge.
  2. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission, for not-for-profit purposes, provided the OAI Identifier or a link to the original metadata record is given.
Data Policy
for full-text and other full data items
  1. Anyone may access full items free of charge.
  2. Copies of full-text items are usually made available under a Creative Commons licence. The licence that applies is shown on the cover sheet of each full-text item. (If no cover sheet is shown, generally a CC-BY-NC licence applies.)

  3. provided:
    the author/s, title and full bibliographic details are given a hyperlink and/or URL for the original metadata page and the content is not changed in any way
  4. Some full items are individually tagged with different rights, permissions and conditions.
  5. This repository is not the publisher; it is merely the online archive.
Content Policy
for types of document & data set held
    Click here for more information on the type of materials we can accept.
Submission policy
concerning depositors, quality & copyright
  1. Items may only be deposited by accredited members of the organisation, or their delegated agents (including Library staff).
  2. Authors may only submit their own single or multiple-authored work for archiving.
  3. The administrator only vets items for the eligibility of authors/depositors, compliance with publishers' deposit policies, and the exclusion of spam.
  4. The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is the sole responsibility of the depositor.
  5. Items can be deposited at any time, but will not be made publicly visible until any publishers' or funders' embargo period has expired.
  6. If Newcastle University ePrints receives proof of copyright or other violations, the then relevant item will be removed immediately.
Preservations and Removal Policy
  1. Items will be retained indefinitely.
  2. Newcastle University ePrints will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility, which may mean that items will be migrated to new file formats where necessary.
  3. Newcastle University ePrints regularly backs up its files according to current best practice.
  4. Items may not normally be removed from Newcastle University ePrints.
  5. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:
    1. Journal publishers' rules
    2. Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
    3. Legal requirements and proven violations
  6. Errata and corrigenda may be included with the original record if required.
  7. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited.