Ferroelectric properties in thin film barium titanate grown using pulsed laser deposition

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  2. Dan Appleby
  3. Dr Nilhil Ponon
  4. Dr Kelvin Kwa
  5. Srinivas Ganti
  6. Professor Anthony O'Neill
Author(s)Appleby DJR, Ponon NK, Kwa KSK, Ganti S, Hannemann U, Petrov PK, Alford NM, O'Neill AG
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Applied Physics
ISSN (print)0021-8979
ISSN (electronic)1089-7550
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The characteristics of polycrystalline BaTiO3 metal-insulator-metal capacitors, fabricated using pulsedlaser deposition, are investigated from room temperature to 420 K. The capacitance–voltagecharacteristics show ferroelectric behaviour at room temperature, with a phase transition toparaelectric at higher temperature. However, the permittivity response shows paraelectric behaviouracross all measured temperatures. So BaTiO3 exists here in a mixture of cubic and tetragonal phases.The BaTiO3 films have a columnar structure, with grain size increasing with film thickness due totheir increasing height but not diameter. This correlates with an increase in remnant polarization. Theresults support a size driven phase transition in thin films of polycrystalline BaTiO3.
PublisherAIP Publishing
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