Reliable Fabrication of Sub-10 nm Silicon Nanowires by Optical Lithography

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  2. Sami Ramadan
  3. Dr Kelvin Kwa
  4. Dr Peter King
  5. Professor Anthony O'Neill
Author(s)Ramadan S, Kwa K, King P, O'Neill A
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)0957-4484
ISSN (electronic)1361-6528
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The reliable and controllable fabrication of silicon nanowires is achieved, using mature CMOS technology processes. This will enable a low-cost route to integrating novel nanostructures with CMOS logic. The challenge of process repeatability has been overcome by careful study of material properties for processes such as etching and oxidation. By controlling anisotropic wet etching conditions, selection of nitride mask layer properties and sidewall oxidation, a robust process was achieved to realize silicon nanowires with sub 10 nm features. Surface roughness of nanowires was improved by a suitable oxidation step. The influence of process conditions on the shape of the nanowire was studied using TCAD simulation.
PublisherIOP Publishing
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