High density, high radiance µLED matrix for optogenetic retinal prostheses and planar neural stimulation

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  2. Dr Ahmed Abd El-Aal
  3. Dr Patrick Degenaar
Author(s)Soltan A, McGovern B, Drakakis E, Neil M, Maaskant P, Akhter M, Lee JS, Degenaar P
Publication type Article
JournalIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems
ISSN (print)1932-4545
ISSN (electronic)1940-9990
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Optical neuron stimulation arrays are important for both in-vitro biology and retinal prosthetic biomedical applications. Hence, in this work, we present an 8100 pixel high radiance photonic stimulator. The chip module vertically combines custom made gallium nitride µLEDs with a CMOS application specific integrated circuit. This is designed with active pixels to ensure random access and to allow continuous illumination of all required pixels. The µLEDs have been assembled on the chip using a solder ball flip-chip bonding technique which has allowed for reliable and repeatable manufacture. We have evaluated the performance of the matrix by measuring the different factors including the static, dynamic power consumption, the illumination, and the current consumption by each LED. We show that the power consumption is within a range suitable for portable use. Finally, the thermal behavior of the matrix is monitored and the matrix proved to be thermally stable.
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