Realism: Human Rights Foe?

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  2. Dr Koldo Casla
Author(s)Casla K
Editor(s)Orsi, D; Avgustin, JR; Nurnus, M
Publication type Book Chapter
Book TitleRealism in Practice: An Appraisal
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This chapter appraises Realism from a human rights perspective. The first section introduces the conventional view according to which realism, with its focus on the state, material power and international anarchy, would dismiss the idea that human rights could matter at all in global politics. The second section provides an alternative perspective. There are at least three ways in which human rights can survive and indeed flourish in a world guided by classical realist parameters. I contend, first, that realism creates the space for a political critique of international law, which helps us understand the political reasons why certain claims get framed in the language of human rights law. Secondly, realism advises restraint in the use of military force, leading potentially to better human rights outcomes. Finally, realism can also allow us to theorise about a certain idea of order guided by international rules defined by states themselves.
PublisherE-International Relations
Place PublishedBristol, England
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