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Dr Ingrid Ehrmann
Dr Jannetta Steyn
Dr Simon Cockell
Professor David Elliott
An ancient germ cell-specific RNA-binding protein protects the germline from cryptic splice site poisoning2019
Adriana Buskin
Dr Lili Zhu
Dr Valeria Chichagova
Dr Kathryn White
Dr Dean Hallam
et al.
Disrupted alternative splicing for genes implicated in splicing and ciliogenesis causes PRPF31 retinitis pigmentosa2018
Dr Marina Danilenko
Professor David Elliott
Structural basis of RNA recognition and dimerization by the STAR proteins T-STAR and Sam682016
Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Comparison of senescence-associated miRNAs in primary skin and lung fibroblasts2015
Professor David Elliott
Dr Ingrid Ehrmann
How does Tra2 beta protein regulate tissue-specific RNA splicing?2012
Dr Ingrid Ehrmann
Dr Michael Jackson
Professor David Elliott
Identification of evolutionarily conserved exons as regulated targets for the splicing activator tra2β in development2011
Dr Prabhakar Rajan
Pip Carling
Dr Jacqueline Stockley
Dr Cedric Simillion
Dr Luke Gaughan
et al.
Identification of Novel Androgen-Regulated Pathways and mRNA Isoforms through Genome-Wide Exon-Specific Profiling of the LNCaP Transcriptome2011
Dr Agata Rozanska
Professor David Elliott
Molecular design of a splicing switch responsive to the RNA binding protein Tra2β2011
Nonsense-mediated messenger RNA decay of survival motor neuron 1 causesspinal muscular atrophy2008
Applying genetic programming to the prediction of alternative mRNA splice variants2007