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Newcastle AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dimitrios Firfilionis
Frances Hutchings
Dr Reza Tamadoni
Dr Darren Walsh
Mark Turnbull
et al.
A Closed-Loop Optogenetic Platform2021
Dr Clare Tweedy
Nathan Kindred
Professor John-Paul Taylor
Dr Daniel Erskine
Dr Christopher Morris
et al.
Hippocampal network hyperexcitability in young transgenic mice expressing human mutant alpha-synuclein2021
Dan Hayman
Dr Tamara Modebadze
Sarah Charlton
Kat Cheung
Dr Jamie Soul
et al.
Increased hippocampal excitability in miR-324-null mice2021
Edward Fielder
Dr Clare Tweedy
Dr Caroline Wilson
Professor Fiona Oakley
Dr Fiona LeBeau
et al.
Anti-inflammatory treatment rescues memory deficits during aging in nfkb1−/− mice2020
Dr Myrto Stylianou
Dr Boubker Zaaimi
Professor Alan Thomas
Professor John-Paul Taylor
Dr Fiona LeBeau
et al.
Early Disruption of Cortical Sleep-Related Oscillations in a Mouse Model of Dementia With Lewy Bodies (DLB) Expressing Human Mutant (A30P) Alpha-Synuclein2020
Sabine Gretenkord
Dr Bas Olthof
Myrto Stylianou
Professor Adrian Rees
Dr Sasha Gartside
et al.
Electrical stimulation of the ventral tegmental area (VTA) evokes sleep-like state transitions under urethane anaesthesia in the rat medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) via dopamine D1-like receptors2020
Dr Zhe Kang Law
Carein Todd
Ramtin Mehraram
Julia Schumacher
Dr Mark Baker
et al.
The role of EEG in the diagnosis, prognosis and clinical correlations of Dementia with Lewy Bodies—a systematic review2020
Dr Fiona LeBeau
Professor Ian McKeith
Professor John-Paul Taylor
What electrophysiology tells us about Alzheimer's disease: a window into the synchronization and connectivity of brain neurons2020
Dr Paul Keane
Dr Peter Hanson
Lina Patterson
Professor Peter Blain
Philippa Hepplewhite
et al.
Trichloroethylene and its metabolite TaClo lead to degeneration of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurones: Effects in wild type and human A30P mutant α-synuclein mice 2019
Emma Robson
Clare Tweedy
Dr NELSON Manzanza
Professor John-Paul Taylor
Fiona Randall
et al.
Impaired Fast Network Oscillations and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Alpha-synucleinopathy (A30P)2018