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Possessions_inc is a Web-based Visual Art project researching ways power, value, agency and meaning are invested in inanimate objects in pre-digital belief-structures and contrasting this to ones emerging in reaction to technological change. One area of research is the "Rennes Le Chateau Mystery" : a nested sets of complex multi-agent narratives that have emerged over the last century around a supposed 'treasure' found in a church in Southern France. They link to history, to theology to alien contacts and are expressed in codes. hypotheses, fictions and fakes that many people hold as hidden or occult truth. The project places these against contemporary material collected from media and the web concerning the internet of things, a.i. robotics, simulacra, art fakes, deep-fakes, and orthodox and hetrodox narratives about secrets, technology, intelligence and surveillance. The platforms of digital web-based distribution, streaming, and long-duration series form are central to the research project. Possessions_inc tests if these allow new hybrid languages and syntaxes in moving image work. The collected materials are articulated and put into motion to generate new constellations of the material, to see if this allows new insight and inderstandings into the hyper-network of complex digital/non-digital interactions that shape our individual and collective fields of experience. The enquiry included research at the site of Rennes Le Chateau , interviews and meetings tracing the development and history of the 'Rennes Mystery". Researching and collating contemporary material on digital technology, on representation and reproduction, on the virtual and the real from all parts of the spectrum between factual and fantastic. Then designing, authoring and animating a web-based moving image project that over three years posted an episode a month to viewers. Over 7.5 hours of video.

Publication metadata

Author(s): Grayson R

Publication type: Digital or Visual Media

Publication status: Published

Year: 2019

Number: 36

Publisher: Matt's Gallery

Place Published: London

Type: Web distributed video series

Format: 36 episodes posted each month over three years


Notes: Episodes posted from 25/06/2016 (Episode 1) through to 19/06/2019 (Episode 36).