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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Nehal Hassan
Bob Slight
Professor Sarah Slight
Healthcare staff perceptions on using artificial intelligence predictive tools: A qualitative study2022
Dr. José Fabián Anguiano
Concurrent and modulated separation of CO2 and O2 by a fluorite/perovskite-based membrane2021
Dr. José Fabián Anguiano
Synthesis of superficially modified Ce1-X(Zr+Y)XO2-d solid solutions and thermogravimetric analysis of their performance in the catalytic soot combustion2021
Dr Marie McIntyre
The need for One Health systems-thinking approaches to understand multiscale dissemination of antimicrobial resistance2024
Toyah Lebert
Professor Douglas Turkington
Professor Mark Freeston
Dr Rob Dudley
Rumination, intolerance of uncertainty and paranoia in treatment resistant psychosis2021
Thomas Laverick
Professor Mark Freeston
The use of novel measures to detect Accelerated Long-term forgetting in people with epilepsy: The Crimes Test and Four Doors Test2021
Dr Ankita Das
A coaxially structured trilayered gallic acid-based antioxidant vascular graft for treating coronary artery disease2021
Professor David Rose
Posthuman Education2023
Dr Oliver Mallett
Naz Wilson
Institutional pluralism and the implementation of women's enterprise policy2024
Dr Jérémie Nsengimana
Immune subtyping of melanoma whole slide images using multiple instance learning2024
Burak Kucukgoz
Dr Declan Murphy
Professor David Steel
Professor Boguslaw Obara
Deep Learning Using Preoperative Optical Coherence Tomography Images to Predict Visual Acuity Following Surgery for Idiopathic Full-Thickness Macular Holes2024
Dr Kevin Whitley
James Grimshaw
Dr David Roberts
Dr Eleni Karinou
Dr Seamus Holden
et al.
Peptidoglycan synthesis drives a single population of septal cell wall synthases during division in Bacillus subtilis2024
Dr Fahad BaHammam
Professor Justin Durham
Dr Bana Abdulmohsen
Dr Rebecca Wassall
Professor Giles McCracken
et al.
Implementation issues and barriers for assessing oral health in dependent adults after stroke: A qualitative study2024
Professor David Xie
Towards superior biopolymer gels by enabling interpenetrating network structures: A review on types, applications, and gelation strategies2024
Dr Irene Chu
How and when does founder polychronicity affect new venture performance? The roles of entrepreneurial orientation and firm age2024