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AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Corinne Wills
Dr Casey Dixon
Dr Elisabetta Arca
Dr Julian Knight
Dr Simon Doherty
et al.
Efficient Hydrogen Evolution from Dimethylamine Borane, Ammonia Borane and Sodium Borohydride Catalyzed by Ruthenium and Platinum Nanoparticles Stabilized by an Amine Modified Polymer Immobilized Ionic Liquid: A Comparative Study2024
Dr Lily Lamb
Dr Bryan Burford
Professor Catherine Exley
Professor Gill Vance
Professor Hugh Alberti
et al.
Supporting medical students towards careers in general practice through maximising the potential of role modelling, what works, for whom and in what circumstances: A realist review2024
Chiara Carissimo
Dr Silvia Del Din
Heloise Debelle
Emma Packer
Professor Lynn Rochester
et al.
A novel energy-based composite index for assessing motor state in Parkinson's disease by means of IMU-based Digital Health Technology2024
Neha Jain
Emma Adams
Dr Emma Joyes
Gillian McLellan
Dr Laura McGowan
et al.
Factors affecting implementation of interventions for oral health, substance use, smoking and diet for people with severe and multiple disadvantage: a community-based qualitative study in England.2024
Dr Libing Cao
Investigation of Permanent-Magnet Vernier Machine with Fractional-Slot Nonoverlapping Windings for Direct-Drive Application2023
Dr Libing Cao
Comparative Study of Permanent-Magnet Vernier Motor and Interior Permanent-Magnet Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles2023
Dr Libing Cao
Decoupling analysis of brushless dual-mechanical-port dual-electrical-port machines2024
Dr Libing Cao
Design and analysis of two degree-of-freedom rotary-linear machine with transverse-flux structure2024
Neha Jain
The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Health: Myths and Measures2022
Neha Jain
The global impact of tobacco control policies on smokeless tobacco use: a systematic review2023
Neha Jain
Progress and Challenges in Implementing Adolescent and School Health Programmes in India: a rapid review2024
Dr Libing Cao
Analysis of contra-rotating brushless integrated flux-modulation machine with open-slot structure for wind power generation2023
Dr Libing Cao
A New Hybrid Concentrated-Winding Concept with Improved Power Factor for Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine2023
Dr Libing Cao
Investigation of A Novel Phase-Unit Axial-Modular Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine With Integral-Slot Non-Overlapping Concentrated Windings2024
Lingxiu Liu
Dr Maxim Kapralov
Dr Mark Ashton
Plant-derived compounds as potential leads for new drug development targeting COVID-192024