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About Open Access

ePrints is Newcastle University's institutional repository. It provides access to research outputs produced by our authors, including peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, working papers, books and book chapters.

Newcastle University authors can deposit their publications in ePrints by uploading the appropriate files to MyImpact. In most cases, this should be the author's accepted manuscript as copyright agreements typically prevent the use of publisher-formatted manuscripts unless these are open access.

The library check all uploaded files to ensure they are made available in accordance with publisher policy. If necessary, we will apply any embargoes or restrictions and liaise with publishers on your behalf.

Archiving your publications in ePrints helps maximise the discoverability and impact of your research. ePrints is optmised for discovery, making your research easier to find. As deposited publications are freely available to everyone, they can reach a wider audience than those that are only available behind a publisher paywall.

ePrints also the university-supported system to enable publications to meet the open access requirements for REF.

Deposit in ePrints via MyImpact