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"Reaching its limits”: Industry perspectives on salt reduction 9
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 9
Preteen children and illegal drugs 9
C2 Version 1.5: Software for ecological and palaeoecological data analysis and visualisation 6
Networks in rural development: beyond exogenous and endogenous models 6
Diatom Analysis 5
Shelley's Neapolitan-Tuscan poetics: 'Sonnet: Political Greatness' and the 'Republic' of Benevento 5
The dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus shapes auditory responses in the inferior colliculus 5
A Scalable Method for Partitioning Workflows with Security Requirements over Federated Clouds 4
A geophysical survey at Yarford, Somerset 4


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Do Assurance and Assurance Providers Enhance Covid-Related Disclosures in CSR Reports? An Examination in The UK Context 23
A tale of two jurisdictions: mediation case law in England & Wales and Scotland 18
Growing up in Sunderland: young people, politics and place 13
Food supply chains and the antimicrobial resistance challenge: On the framing, accomplishments and limitations of corporate responsibility 12
Fundamental Concepts of Dependability 12
Reframing urban and regional 'development' for 'left behind' places 12
Small-molecule MDM2-p53 inhibitors: recent advances 11
The History of Digital Computers 11
The Link between Language and Spelling: What Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers Need to Know 11
Urban-rural relationships: an introduction and brief history 10