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Intercultural Communicative Competence and the teaching of English 10
Of Originality, Originality in English Copyright Law: Past and Present 10
Beyond ‘Key Parties and ‘Wife Swapping’: The Visual Culture of Online Swinging 9
Towards a sustainable, negotiated mode of strategic regional planning: a political economy perspective 9
Test of Infringement: What is Now? 7
A view of concurrent process synchronisation 6
Protein-protein interactions 6
The Great Lie: Markets, Freedom and Knowledge 6
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 5
Stroke subtype and motor impairment influence contralesional excitability 5


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Spin-up of a superfluid vortex lattice driven by rough boundaries 35
Urban-rural relationships: an introduction and brief history 34
The future use of structural composite materials in the automotive industry 22
Fundamental Concepts of Dependability 21
Planning for town centre “smart-decline”/“rightsizing”: a new lens for strategy development and research? 16
Redesigning Town Centre Planning: From Master Planning Revival to Enabling Self-reorientation 16
Social and Ethical Aspects of Forensic Genetics: A Critical Review 16
On Alan Turing and the Origins of Digital Computers 13
Abuse of Lithium-ion Batteries: Emergence, Composition, and Toxicity of Vapour Cloud 11
Comparing open-source DEM frameworks for simulations of common bulk processes 11