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Effects of turbulent Reynolds number on turbulent scalar flux transport in premixed flames 13
Sulphasalazien and lung toxicity 9
Sustainability approaches for incarceration architecture 9
"Reaching its limits”: Industry perspectives on salt reduction 7
Beyond ‘Key Parties and ‘Wife Swapping’: The Visual Culture of Online Swinging 7
Driving a hard bargain: Sex ratio and male marriage success in a historical US population 7
OPEC/OJEC for stage 4 neuroblastoma in children over 1 year of age 7
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 6
Teacher education and the question of ethnicity. 6
Disabled sexuality: toward rights and recognition 5


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Reframing urban and regional 'development' for 'left behind' places 26
Fundamental Concepts of Dependability 24
Syrian Refugee Men in Za‘tari Camp: Humanitarianism, Masculinities, and “Vulnerabilities” 23
Urban-rural relationships: an introduction and brief history 23
Social and Ethical Aspects of Forensic Genetics: A Critical Review 17
The future use of structural composite materials in the automotive industry 16
Exploring the Challenges Encountered by Students of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia Employing Hybrid MOOCs. 15
"He or she maybe doesn’t know there is such a thing as a review": a qualitative investigation exploring barriers and facilitators to accessing medication reviews from the perspective of people from ethnic minority communities 13
Contextual factors influencing medicines‐related interventions to support safe transitions for care home residents post hospital discharge: a systematic review and meta‐ethnographic synthesis 13
Digital technology to support lifestyle and health behaviour changes in surgical patients: systematic review 13