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Future of UK Business School’s Faculty: Retention, Recruitment and Development 10
Effect of dietary calcium and phosphorous on growth performance, excreta consistency, nutrient digestibility and bone strength of broiler chickens 9
Safety and tolerability of NXY-059 at higher target concentrations in acute stroke patients 9
Critical Discourse Analysis, Power, and New Media Discourse 5
The global education industry : lessons from private education in developing countries 5
Voicing the Popular: On the Subjects of Popular Music 5
A Taxonomy and Evaluation for Systems Analysis Methodologies in a Workflow Context: Structured Systems Analysis Design Method (SSADM), Unified Modelling Language (UML), Unified Process, Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) and Organisation Process Modelling (OPM) 4
A balanced scorecard for evaluating the performance of motor dealerships 4
Book review: M.J. Head, P.L. Gibbard (Eds.) Early-Middle Pleistocene Transitions: The Land-Ocean Evidence, Geological Society of London, Special Publication 4


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The development of theories of second language acquisition 17
Physical internet concept for designing the rail freight interchange of the future 16
The science and practice of case conceptualization 15
A tale of two jurisdictions: mediation case law in England & Wales and Scotland 13
Bad apples, bad barrels and bad cellars: a ‘boundaries’ perspective on professional misconduct 13
A balanced scorecard for evaluating the performance of motor dealerships 10
Advancing Space-Time Simulation of Random Fields: From Storms to Cyclones and Beyond 10
ISIS and heritage destruction: A sentiment analysis 8
A cell atlas of human thymic development defines T cell repertoire formation 7
Agricultural terraces in the Mediterranean: intensive construction during the later Middle Ages revealed by landscape analysis with OSL profiling and dating 7