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Of Originality, Originality in English Copyright Law: Past and Present 11
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 8
Love Story 6
Discounted knowledge - local experience, environmental pollution and health 5
Russia and Ukraine under Alexander II - The Valuev Edict of 1863 5
『仁勢物語』― パロディと滑稽」 (“Nise monogatari - parodi to kokkei”) 5
A cost-effectiveness analysis of two different repositioning strategies for the prevention of pressure ulcers 4
Critical Discourse Analysis, Power, and New Media Discourse 4
Effect of Mediterranean diet components on selected cardiovascular risk factors, All-causemortality and cardiovascular mortality: systematic review 4
Feminist Thought and Women’s History in Japan: The Case of Takamure Itsue 4


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Circular economy strategies for electric vehicle batteries reduce reliance on raw materials 16
Urban-rural relationships: an introduction and brief history 16
The Development and Application of a Kinetic Theory for Modeling Dispersed Particle Flows 15
Re-imagining the rural: from rural idyll to good countryside 12
Fundamental Concepts of Dependability 11
Hippocampal network hyperexcitability in young transgenic mice expressing human mutant alpha-synuclein 9
Two continents, divided by deep philosophical waters? Why geographical indications pose a challenge to the completion of the TTIP 9
“It’s like rubbing salt on the wound”: the impacts of Covid-19 and lockdown on asylum seekers and refugees 9
'Active deception' v non-disclosure: HIV transmission, non-fatal offences and criminal responsibility 8
Exploring the HRM performance link: Are we on a road to nowhere? 8