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Title of publication Number of page views
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 33
Case formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A principle driven approach 18
Driving a hard bargain: Sex ratio and male marriage success in a historical US population 13
Big data analytics: Understanding its capabilities and potential benefits for healthcare organizations 9
Dysarthria Impact Profile: development of a scale to measure psychosocial effects 7
Effects of climate-induced coral bleaching on coral-reef fishes - Ecological and economic consequences 5
How should we manage fear of falling in older adults living in the community? 5
New development: The paradox of outcomes—the more we measure, the less we understand 5
Streamlining the Band 5/6 Transition Process at CARU 5
Towards Automated Workflow Deployment in the Cloud Using TOSCA 5


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Title of publication Number of downloads              Full text
Topic particles, agreement and movement in an Arabic dialect 25
Critical Realism and the Organizational Case Study: A Guide to Discovering Institutional Mechanisms 21
Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT): an open-label, cluster-randomised trial 19
Aura Projection for Scalable Real-Time Physics 17
Parent-child reading to improve language development and school readiness: A systematic review and meta-analysis 17
Additive Manufacturing in Construction of Electrical Machines – A Review 16
Blockchain-based SLA Management in the Context of IoT 14
De novo and rare inherited mutations implicate the transcriptional coregulator TCF20/SPBP in autism spectrum disorder 12
Monomer recovery through advanced pyrolysis of waste high density polyethylene (HDPE) 12
Health in Hard Times: Austerity and Health Inequalities 11