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Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 18
Case formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A principle driven approach 16
Mobile workers’ Boundary Work: The Fluidity of Time, Space and Objects 8
Dysarthria Impact Profile: development of a scale to measure psychosocial effects 7
Social commerce constructs and consumer’s intention to buy 7
Critical Discourse Analysis, Power, and New Media Discourse 6
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 6
Some Pragmatics of Qualitative Data Analysis 5
The Social World of Older People: Understanding Loneliness and Social Isolation in Later Life 5


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Monomer recovery through advanced pyrolysis of waste high density polyethylene (HDPE) 18
Disadvantage in Rural Scotland: How is it experienced and how can it be tackled? 17
Are the Torts of Trespass to the Person Obsolete? Part 2: Continued Evolution 13
Reduced occipital GABA in Parkinson disease with visual hallucinations 12
Social Media and E-commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Trends and Future Directions 12
Conceptualising Gender 9
Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT): an open-label, cluster-randomised trial 9
Are the Torts of Trespass to the Person Obsolete? Part 1: Historical Development 8
Autonomous Weapons in Humanitarian Law: Understanding the Technology, Its Compliance with the Principle of Proportionality and the Role of Utilitarianism 8
Additive Manufacturing in Construction of Electrical Machines – A Review 7