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Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 13
A Taxonomy and Evaluation for Systems Analysis Methodologies in a Workflow Context: Structured Systems Analysis Design Method (SSADM), Unified Modelling Language (UML), Unified Process, Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) and Organisation Process Modelling (OPM) 9
A review of biochar and its use and function in soil 5
Driving a hard bargain: Sex ratio and male marriage success in a historical US population 5
Global land cover mapping at 30 m resolution: A POK-based operational approach 5
Assessing the accuracy of 'crowdsourced' data and its integration with official spatial data sets 4
Ecomuseums and the representation of place 4
Progressing Rural Contributions to the UK Industrial Strategy 3
Architecture as Evidence 3
Being a boarder: A survey of boarders and parents views on boarding schools 3


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Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience: Industry Stakeholders Report 18
Growing up in Sunderland: young people, politics and place 11
A Multi-Scale Feature Recalibration Network for End-to-End Single Channel Speech Enhancement 10
Comparative Kinetics of Acetyl- and Butyryl-Cholinesterase Inhibition by Green Tea Catechins|Relevance to the Symptomatic Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease 8
Concept Design of a Bulk Carrier Retrofit with LNG Fuel 8
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Health Inequalities 8
The Circular Economy: An interdisciplinary exploration of the concept and application in a global context 8
What #theDress reveals about the role of illumination priors in color perception and color constancy 8
Critical whiteness studies 7
A membrane-depolarizing toxin substrate of the Staphylococcus aureus Type VII secretion system mediates intra-species competition 6