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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Ewen Sommerville
Professor Robert Hirt
Characterization of the BspA and Pmp protein family of trichomonads2019
Professor Karen Corrigan
'Northmen, Southmen, comrades all'? The adoption of discourse like by migrants North and South of the Irish border2020
Dr Andrew Henderson
C mobilisation in disturbed tropical peat swamps: old DOC can fuel the fluvial efflux of old carbon dioxide, but site recovery can occur2019
Dr Miguel Dasilva Ogando
Dr Christian Brandt
Dr Sascha Gotthardt
Dr Alwin Gieselmann
Professor Alexander Thiele
et al.
Cell Class specific modulation of attentional signals by acetylcholine in macaque frontal eye field2019
Dr Thomas Northey
Dr Thomas Penfold
Ultrafast Nonadiabatic Dynamics Probed by Nitrogen K-edge Absorption Spectroscopy2019
Professor Brian Walker
Heritability of cortisol production and metabolism throughout adolescence: a twin study2019
Dr Penny Levickis
Dr Cristina McKean
Professor James Law
Training community health nurses to measure parent-child interaction: A mixed-methods study2019
Dr John Bourke
Dr Michela Guglieri
Professor Annemieke Aartsma-Rus
Dr Guy MacGowan
238th ENMC International Workshop: Updating management recommendations of cardiac dystrophinopathyHoofddorp, The Netherlands, 30 November - 2 December 20182019
Sarah Moore
Nina Hrisos
Linda Errington
Professor Lynn Rochester
Professor Helen Rodgers
et al.
Exercise as a treatment for sarcopenia; An umbrella review of systematic review evidence2019
Jan Lecouturier
Dr Jason Scott
Dr Nicolette Rousseau
Professor Gerard Stansby
Dr Andrew Sims
et al.
Peripheral arterial disease diagnosis and management in primary care: a qualitative study2019
Obioma Mejeha
Professor Ian Head
Dr Angela Sherry
Dr Clare McCann
Peter Leary
et al.
Beyond N and P: The impact of Ni on crude oil biodegradation2019
Dr Wojciech Mrozik
Dr Parinda Thayanukul
Dr Kishor Acharya
Dr Marcos Baluja
Aidan Robson
et al.
The food-water quality nexus in periurban aquacultures downstream of Bangkok, Thailand2019
Dr Rosario Aguilar
Choice Sets, Gender, and Candidate Choice in Brazil2015
Dr Rosario Aguilar
Partisan Cues and Vote Choice in New Multiparty Systems2016
Dr Rosario Aguilar
Ideational Populism in Chile? A Case Study2017