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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Professor Moein Moghimi
Nanoparticle transport pathways into tumors2018
Dr Luca Sabini
Professor Daniel Muzio
Dr Neil Alderman
Integrating sustainability into project management practices: the perspective of professional institutions2018
Dr Sandra Corlett
Conversational Identity Work in Everyday Interaction2012
Dr Sandra Corlett
Participant learning in and through research as reflexive dialogue: being ‘struck’ and the effects of recall2013
Dr Sandra Corlett
Disrupting Leadership Focus by Facilitating Social Construction of Followership in the Classroom: Student Responses to a Visual Method Pedagogy2017
Dr Sandra Corlett
Exploring the Registers of Identity Research2018
Emeritus Professor Allan Colver
Emerita Professor Helen McConachie
Professor Ann Le Couteur
Dr Gail Dovey-Pearce
Dr Kay Mann
et al.
A longitudinal, observational study of the features of transitional healthcare associated with better outcomes for young people with long-term conditions2018
Dr Melissa Fothergill
An evaluation of a pain education programme for physiotherapists in clinical practice2017
Professor Ted Schrecker
Reflections on a change of scene, and the politics of health research2017
Professor Ted Schrecker
Our big fat complicated population health problem: Even tougher than you thought?2017
Professor Ted Schrecker
Healthy, equitable and sustainable transportation: A new frontier for action on health equity?2017
Professor Ted Schrecker
Social determinants of health: Bad news and good on the inequality front2017
Professor Ted Schrecker
How to think about social determinants of health: Revitalizing the agenda in Canada2017
Dr Niki Rust
A call for conservation scientists to empirically study the effects of human population policies on biodiversity loss2017
Dr Niki Rust
Quantity Does Not Always Mean Quality: The Importance of Qualitative Social Science in Conservation Research2017