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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Richard McNally
Baseline CD3+CD56+ (NKT-like) cells and the outcome of influenza vaccination in children undergoing chemotherapy2021
Dr Adriana Humanes Schumann
Elizabeth Beauchamp
Professor John Bythell
Emeritus Professor Alasdair Edwards
Liam Lachs
et al.
An Experimental Framework for Selectively Breeding Corals for Assisted Evolution2021
Dr James Guest
Onset of sexual maturity of sexually propagated and wild colonies of the massive coral Favites abdita in northwestern Philippines2021
Dr Till Weber
The Behavioural Mechanisms of Voluntary Cooperation in WEIRD and Non-WEIRD Societies2021
Dr Abdul Chaudhry
Using mixed silages of sweet sorghum and alfalfa in total mixed rations to improve growth performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass traits and meat quality of sheep2021
Professor Fai Ng
The management of Sjögren's syndrome: British Society for Rheumatology guideline scope2021
Dr Daniel Lin
Dr Lei Huang
James O'Hara
Emerita Professor Janet Wilson
Emeritus Professor Andrew Mellor
et al.
The immunotherapeutic role of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: A systematic review2021
Dr Stuart Dunning
A massive rock and ice avalanche caused the 2021 disaster at Chamoli, Indian Himalaya2021
Dr Maarten van Hardenbroek van Ammerstol
Dr Helen Mackay
Dr Andrew Henderson
Ancient DNA, lipid biomarkers and palaeoecological evidence reveals construction and life on early medieval lake settlements2021
Dr Johannes Kniess
International Assistance after Conflict: Health, Transitional Justice and Opportunity Costs2021
Dr Rachael Lawson
Mitochondrial DNA variants modulate proteostasis through N-formylmethionine2021
Dr Andrew Temple
Professor Per Berggren
Bycatch risk for toothed whales in global small-scale fisheries2021
Dr Ilke Turkmendag
Power and Exploitation: Representations of the reproductive body in egg research and epigenetics2021
Professor Tony Clare
Effect of multilayer termination on nonspecific protein adsorption and antifouling performance of alginate-based layer-by-layer coatings2021
Kati Blom
Bachelard's Phenomenology of Verticality2021