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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Gareth Richards
Dr Claire Allison
Professor Jacqueline Rodgers
Autism and autistic traits in those who died by suicide in England2022
Dr Cristina Neesham
Improving the Governance of Governments2021
Genevieve Moat
Dr Shirley Coleman
Survival Analysis and Predictive Maintenance Models for non-sensored Assets in Facilities Management2022
Dr Amy Vincent
Emeritus Professor Doug Turnbull
Dr Gavin Hudson
Mitochondrial Isolation: When size matters2020
Dr Amy Vincent
Julie Faitg
Professor Robert Taylor
Mosaic dysfunction of mitophagy in mitochondrial disease2022
Dr Victor Pacheco Pena
Dr Toby Hallam
Professor Noel Healy
MXene supported surface plasmons on telecommunications optical fibers2022
Dr Richard Quinton
Letter to the Editor from Giovanelli and Quinton: "Erythrocytosis in a Large Cohort of Trans Men Using Testosterone: a Long-Term Follow-up Study on Prevalence, Determinants, and Exposure Years"2022
Bing Zhai
Dr Yu Guan
Professor Mike Catt
Ubi-sleepnet: Advanced multimodal fusion techniques for three-stage sleep classification using ubiquitous sensing2021
Professor Nicola Pavese
Gaps and roadmap of novel neuromodulation targets for treatment of gait in Parkinson’s disease2022
Dr Michael Grayling
Professor James Wason
Conditional power and friends: The why and how of (un)planned, unblinded sample size recalculations in confirmatory trials2022
Dr Stuart McCracken
Jonathan Aning
Vincent Gnanapragasam
MRI-based nomogram for the prediction of prostate cancer diagnosis: A multi-centre validated patient–physician decision tool2022
Dr Daniel Geh
Dr Jack Leslie
Professor Helen Reeves
Professor Derek Mann
Neutrophils as potential therapeutic targets in hepatocellular carcinoma2022
Dr Helen Jarvis
Hannah O'Keefe
Professor Dawn Craig
Dr Daniel Stow
Professor Barbara Hanratty
et al.
Does moderate alcohol consumption accelerate the progression of liver disease in NAFLD? A systematic review and narrative synthesis2022
Dr Morvern Morrison
Dr Anders Andreasson
Catriona Charlton
Dr Alisha Chhatwal
Dr Bill Scott
et al.
Transcriptional analysis identifies potential novel biomarkers associated with successful ex-vivo perfusion of human donor lungs2021
Dr Sunil Bhopal
Making pre-school children wear masks is bad public health2021