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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Professor Falko Sniehotta
Identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools-identification to intervention (iCATS-i2i): protocol for single-arm feasibility trial2022
Dr Huizhi Liang
Relation-aware Blocking for Scalable Recommendation Systems2022
Dr Richard Fisher
Expanding the phenotype of TAB2 variants and literature review2022
Dr Roger Harrison
Out-of-Field Doses Produced by a Proton Scanning Beam Inside Pediatric Anthropomorphic Phantoms and Their Comparison With Different Photon Modalities2022
Dr James Taylor
Identification and picking point positioning of tender tea shoots based on MR3P-TS model2022
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Bioinspired Underwater Locomotion of Light-Driven Liquid Crystal Gels2020
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Acoustically Powered Surface-Slipping Mobile Microrobots2020
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Modal Analysis of Finite-Size Piezoelectric Metamaterial Plates2020
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
An Investigation of the Electromechanical Coupling and Broadband Shunt Damping in Composite Plates with Integrated Piezo-Patches.2019
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Monolithic Shape-Programmable Dielectric Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators2019
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
A General Electromechanical Model for Plates with Integrated Piezo-Patches Using Spectral-Tchebychev Method.2019
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Equivalent Impedance Electroelastic Modeling of Multiple Piezo-Patch Energy Harvesters on a Thin Plate with AC–DC Conversion2017
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Seed-Mediated Synthesis of Plasmonic Gold Nanoribbons Using Cancer Cells for Hyperthermia Applications.2018
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Electroelastic Modeling of Thin-Laminated Composite Plates with Surface-Bonded Piezo-Patches Using Rayleigh–Ritz Method2018
Dr Amirreza Aghakhani
Haptable: An Interactive Tabletop Providing Online Haptic Feedback for Touch Gestures2018