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Newcastle AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Andrew Filby
Biosafety during a pandemic: shared resource laboratories rise to the challenge2021
Dr Laura Jardine
Simone Webb
Issac Goh
Dr Gary Reynolds
Dr Michael Mather
et al.
Blood and immune development in human fetal bone marrow and Down syndrome2021
Dr Gary Reynolds
Dr Peter Vegh
Dr James Fletcher
Dr Beth Poyner
Emily Stephenson
et al.
Developmental cell programs are co-opted in inflammatory skin disease2021
Dr Chun Chen
Dr David McDonald
Dr Alasdair Blain
Dr Ashwin Sachdeva
Laura Bone
et al.
Imaging mass cytometry reveals generalised deficiency in OXPHOS complexes in Parkinson’s disease2021
Dr Rachel Botting
Dr Cecilia Dominguez Conde
Dr Dorin-Mirel Popescu
Emily Stephenson
Simone Webb
et al.
A cell atlas of human thymic development defines T cell repertoire formation2020
Charlotte Warren
Dr David McDonald
Professor David Deehan
Professor Robert Taylor
Dr Andrew Filby
et al.
Decoding mitochondrial heterogeneity in single muscle fibres by imaging mass cytometry2020
Dr Urszula Cytlak-Chaudhuri
Dr Anastasia Resteu
Sarah Pagan
Dr Kile Green
Dr Paul Milne
et al.
Differential IRF8 Transcription Factor Requirement Defines Two Pathways of Dendritic Cell Development in Humans2020
Marian Case
Dr Dino Masic
Dr David Jamieson
Dr Frederik van Delft
Dr Andrew Filby
et al.
Label-Free Leukemia Monitoring by Computer Vision2020
Rebecca Maier
Dr Bilal Bawamia
Dr Karim Bennaceur
Sarah Dunn
Dr Leanne Marsay
et al.
Telomerase activation to reverse immunosenescence in elderly patients with acute coronary syndrome: Protocol for a randomized pilot trial2020
Carly Knill
Andrew Fuller
Dr Louise Michaelis
Dr Andrew Filby
Classification of Human White Blood Cells Using Machine Learning for Stain-Free Imaging Flow Cytometry2019