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Rokas Navickas
Dr Helen Griffin
Dr Manisha Ahuja
Angela Grainger
Professor Mary Slatter
et al.
A de novo TLR7 gain-of-function mutation causing severe monogenic lupus in an infant2024
Tom Hallam
Gladys -
Nik Tzoumas
David Steel
Victoria Shuttleworth
et al.
The Rare C9 P167S Risk Variant for Age-related Macular Degeneration Increases Polymerization of the Terminal Component of the Complement Cascade2021
Dr Graham McClelland
Dr Nina Wilson
Gladys -
Impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on hangings attended by emergency medical services2020
Gladys -
Dr Magdalene Ng
Dr Ehsan Toreini
Professor Aad van Moorsel
Dr Kovila Coopamootoo
et al.
Keeping it Human: A Focus Group Study of Public Attitudes Towards AI in Banking2020
Dr Samuel Ginja
Dr Katherine Jackson
Dr James Newham
Gladys -
Debbie Smart
et al.
Rural-urban differences in the mental health of perinatal women: a UK-based cross-sectional study2020
Dr Magdalene Ng
Dr Kovila Coopamootoo
Dr Ehsan Toreini
Gladys -
Professor Karen Elliott
et al.
Simulating the Effects of Social Presence on Trust, Privacy Concerns & Usage Intentions in Automated Bots for Finance2020
Madeleine Carter
Gladys -
Emerita Professor Jan Illing
Workplace Bullying in Healthcare: A Qualitative Analysis of Bystander Experiences2020
Grace Edmonds
Dan Jackson
Dr Yu Guan
Gladys -
Wrist-worn devices to improve arm movement in hemiplegic cerebral palsy: participatory design workshops2020
Gladys -
Environmental turbulence and the role of business functions in the manufacturing strategy debate: the case of UK-based SMEs and the Great Recession2019
Gladys -
In the Face of Disappearance: a Tribute to the Work of Robin Adamson2017
Dr Alexandra Battersby
Gladys -
Dr Jessica Tarn
Professor Fai Ng
Professor Andrew Gennery
et al.
Raised Serum IL-8 Levels Are Associated with Excessive Fatigue in Female Carriers of X-Linked Chronic Granulomatous Disease in the UK2017
Dr Mohammad Moad
Gladys -
Professor Craig Robson
Professor Rakesh Heer
Role of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Urological Disease Modeling and Repair2017
Professor Andy Pike
Gladys -
Shifting horizons in local and regional development2017
Professor Andrew Fisher
Anders Andreasson
Alexandros Chrysos
Dr Joanne Lally
Valentina Mamasoula
et al.
An observational study of Donor Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion in UK Lung Transplantation : DEVELOP-UK2016
Judith Weiland
Dr Deepali Pal
Marian Case
Professor Julie Irving
Dr Frida Ponthan
et al.
BCP-ALL blasts are not dependent on CD19 expression for leukaemic maintenance2016
Dr Everson Kandare
Gladys -
Professor Geoff Gibson
Evaluating the heat resistance of thermal insulated sandwich composites subjected to a turbulent fire2016
Alessandro De Gennaro
Gladys -
Dr Andrey Mokhov
A Heuristic Algorithm for Deriving Compact Models of Processor Instruction Sets2015
Dr Sarah Dunn
Gladys -
Professor Sean Wilkinson
Lucy Manning
David Alderson
et al.
Development of Empirical Vulnerability Curves for Electrical Supply Systems Subjected to Wind Hazard2015
Gladys -
Dr Kim Pearce
Jean Norden
Dr Clare Lendrem
Dr Rachel Crossland
et al.
Differential microRNA expressions in cutaneous acute graft-versus-host disease2015
Dr Edwin Wong
Dr Holly Anderson
Rachel Challis
Dr Lisa Turnbull
Gladys -
et al.
Characterization of a Factor H Mutation That Perturbs the Alternative Pathway of Complement in a Family with Membranoproliferative GN2014
Gavin Wood
Dr John Vines
Dr Madeline Balaam
Dr Nick Taylor
Tom Smith
et al.
The Department Of Hidden Stories: Playful Digital Storytelling for Children in a Public Library2014
James Murray
Huw Thomas
Philip Berry
Suzanne Kyle
Dr Miranda Patterson
et al.
Tumour cell retention of rucaparib, sustained PARP inhibition and efficacy of weekly as well as daily schedules2014
Dr Martin Bone
Professor Tom Joyce
Gladys -
Michael Reed
Surface finish of the Exeter Trauma Stem: A cause for concern?2013